Thursday, April 5, 2012


STORY: Grant Morrison
ARTWORK: Rags Morales, Brad Walker, Rick Bryant, and Bob McLeod

Grant Morrison finally wraps up his brand-spanking-new Superman origin story with Action Comics #8. Last we left the Man of Steel, he finally confronted the Collector of Worlds (a.k.a. Brainiac on Krypton) and this issue sees the subsequent fight, with Metropolis on the line.

One of Morrison's best accomplishments, so far with this series, is the balance between Clark's first years in Metropolis and Superman trying to find his way as a bona-fide superhero. While many fans (and non-fans, in a surprise twist of interest) were vocally displeased with Clark's 'hipster' look, complete with cuffed jeans, a tight tee shirt, and work boots. Either way, Clark gets his Kryptonian battle armor in issue seven, so it ceases to be a issue.

This month's issue isn't about a big finale; it's about small revelations that all point toward future events/ideas. We get to see Clark "NEVER QUIT!" and persist until the Collector is defeated; John Corben is released from the Collector's grip and survives, albeit fused to a power suit (Metallo, anyone?!?!?!); Superman inherits the Collector's ship and all the worlds on it, possibly as the new Fortress of Solitude; Glenmorgan finally falls, giving Clark an in at the Daily Planet; Lex Luthor starts questioning the future; and John Henry Irons gets his first taste of fame.

Next month brings Superman of Earth-23, President Superman! And it's based on Obama! AWESOME!


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