Friday, April 20, 2012


STORY: Kyle Higgins
ART: Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose, and Eber Ferreira

I've been reading Nightwing since the launch of the 'New 52' last September, and I honestly thought long and hard about the decision to omit it from the regularly-covered titles for "The Endless Reel". In the end, I opted to focus on two of the 'main' Bat books (Batman and Batman and Robin) instead of branching out too much. That being said, Nightwing is a great title with a poignant first arc dealing with Dick's connection to Haly's Circus and how that part of his life will never really go away. Plus, it made for a great segue into the "Night of the Owls" event!

While the cover might call Nightwing #8 a 'Prelude' to the main event, that's only half-true. The issue is split between a historical narrative about William Cobb - Dick's great-grandfather - and Nightwing answering Alfred's call to arms in Batman #8 by attempting to reach Mayor Sebastian Hady before the Talons can assassinate him. Unfortunately, both storylines suffer from the split. William Cobb's backstory only covers childhood and early adulthood before the issue ends, and Nightwing's fight against the Talon assassin seems brief and almost easy for Dick.

At the end of the issue, Kyle Higgins reveals that the Talon is actually William Cobb - rescued from the Batcave by a fellow Talon - who is hunting down his descendent because "[Dick's] betrayal takes everything I sacrificed and made it worthless." I'm sure Higgins will continue to delve into the history of William Cobb next month, but for now, it feels fragmented.


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