Monday, June 11, 2012

(THE WEEK) JUNE 13-18, 2012


AvX: VS #3 of 6
(Yost, Loeb, McGuinness, Dodson)

Featuring Black Widow vs. Magik and Colossus vs. Thing! Why Marvel decided to give us a fight between two characters already featured in the VS series is anyone's guess, but the fight should still be interesting!

Batman #10
(Snyder, Capullo)

The "Night of the Owls" may be over, but Bruce's fight with the Court of Owls continues this month as Batman discovers the true face of the Court!

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1 of 4
(Cooke, Conner)

Continuing our weekly coverage of Before Watchmen with the Silk Spectre!

Batman and Robin #10
(Tomasi, Gleason)

It's a meeting of the Robins! Someone has called together all those who have taken the mantle as Batman's sidekick, and even Red Hood may show up!

Green Lantern #10
(Johns, Mahnke)

The history of the Indigo Tribe is finally revealed in the penultimate issue of "Secret of the Indigo Tribe!" Hal and Sinestro must take on the entire Tribe by themselves.

Resurrection Man #10
(Abnett, Lanning, Saiz)

Even though Resurrection Man is coming to an end in September, I'll be bringing you coverage through issue zero! Mitch Shelley keeps getting closer to discovering the mystery of his past, but where is the Transhuman?

Superboy #10
(Lobdell, Coello)

Scott Lobdell continues to intertwine Superboy with Teen Titans, making sure that neither get the character development they both so desperately need.


Young Justice
Season 2, Episode 8

I'm still not sure if there will even be a 'DC Nation' airing this week, but if there is, I'll be covering it!

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