Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's New York Comic-Con, one of the bigger conventions across the country that comes a bit closer to San Diego's International Comic-Con in terms of size, gravitas, guests, and revelations concerning the upcoming year. This year's NYCC is bringing a lot of information concerning Marvel's 'Marvel NOW!' initiative, moving into the second year of DC's 'New 52' initiative. Below are some various bits of new information concerning titles that I'll be reading and/or will be covered here on "The Endless Reel".


Marvel has announced that Brian Michael Bendis' All-New X-Menfeaturing the original five X-Men time displaced - will be out twice a month for the first six issues with Stuart Immonen switching off with David Marquez on art.

This is a pretty annoying bit of information. For months now, Marvel has been hyping up it's creative team switch-ups and how these new teams would be the standard for a long time going forward. While this might have been a pipe dream since the beginning, it's a bit annoying that Marvel is okay with this creative toss up for one of the flagship titles for 'Marvel NOW!' It just shows a lack of respect for the consumer, going back on previous promises without so much as an explanation or apology.


"We're taking all the cool, badass stories that happened in the 90s and wrapped it up in one big last score." - Dennis Hopeless on the inspiration for the new 'Marvel NOW!' series, Cable and X-Force, debuting in January.

What? WHAT?!?! When did it become acceptable to harken back to 90s-era comic book over-saturation unless you're Rob Liefeld spectacularly crashing and burning? The 1990s, as a decade, probably did more damage to the comic book culture than any other era before it. Terrible storylines partnered with even worse artwork (pre-real color days) led to an industry gasping to stay alive at the end of the millennium. No one should be going back to the 90s for inspiration, even if it is a series about Cable.


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