Sunday, October 28, 2012


(w) Grant Morrison
(p) Chris Burnham

FINALLY -- an issue of Batman Incorporated that's not layered in 50,000 levels of misdirection, metaphorical symbolism, intricate backstory, or mind-bending espionage. And it's the best issue yet. Seriously. Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's road has been a bit bumpy so far, with the third issue of Batman Incorporated being the first 'New 52' title delayed more than a few weeks, then an "Issue Zero" that took us out of the main story for another month. Batman Incorporated #4 feels like the series is gaining momentum for the first time, and it's incredible reading. Not to mention that most of Batman, Inc. shows up (including Nightwing and Red Robin) for a massive raid on the League of Assassins.

Grant Morrison announced a while back that he'll be leaving Batman Inc. after issue 12; an fact that doesn't bode well for the title, which has been Morrison's vehicle to bring a conclusion to his years-long, multi-title arc concerning Batman, Talia al Ghul, and Damian Wayne. I honestly thought we'd have to wait until at least issue seven or eight to get deep into plot advancement, but Morrison brings the thunder early this month. Chris Burnham beautifully illustrates Morrison's epic battle between Batman and his army and the waves upon waves of the deadliest killers in the entire world.

Batman Incorporated has been a victim of circumstance since it began, and though that was partly Morrison's own fault, it's now growing into it's own as a solid title in the 'New 52' lineup. I'm skeptical it'll continue after Morrison steps down, as that would open up a spot for a new title in the roster while also trimming down the already massive number of Batman-related titles. That being said, if DC were to get someone like China Mieville to take over, the series might just stand a chance of continuing.


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