Wednesday, January 30, 2013

THE WEEK (JAN 30 - FEB 5, 2013)

Featured Review
Green Lantern Corps Annual #1
(w) Peter J. Tomasi
(a) ChrisCross

"Rise of the Third Army" finished up with this oversized annual issue! Now that the Guardian's new army has ravaged the universe, how will the Green Lantern Corps stop them? Find out here! Plus, GLC Annual #1 also leads into the next Green Lantern Family crossover, "Wrath of the First Lantern"!

Aquaman #16
(w) Geoff Johns
(a) Paul Pelletier

"Throne of Atlantis" continues this week as Orm the Ocean Master declares all-out war on the surface world! Plus, remember how the monsters from "The Trench" got out a few issues back? Well here they come to eat your face off!
Batman and Robin Annual #1

Batman and Robin Annual #1
(w) Peter J. Tomasi
(a) Adrian Syaf

Hawkeye #7
(w) Matt Fraction
(a) Steve Lieber

The hurricane issue. All of Matt Fraction's royalties from this issue's sales are going directly to Hurricane Sandy relief. So, make sure to drop by your LCS and maybe pick up more than one copy if you've got the money to spare this week!

Justice League Dark #16
(w) Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes
(a) Mikel Janin

The Superior Spider-Man #2
(w) Dan Slott
(a) Ryan Stegman

Dan Slott promised he would address the issue of rape between Peter and Mary Jane now that Peter is actually Doc Ock. I was very impressed with the first issue, so hopefully Slott can keep the momentum rolling!

Teen Titans #16
(w) Scott Lobdell
(a) Brett Booth

Extra! Extra!
Avengers #4
(w) Jonathan Hickman
(a) Adam Kubert

Batman, Incorporated #7
(w) Grant Morrison
(a) Chris Burnham

The Flash #16
(w) Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
(a) Francis Manapul

Superman #16
(w) Scott Lobdell
(a) Kenneth Rocafort

X-Men Legacy #5
(w) Simon Spurrier

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