Tuesday, January 1, 2013

THE WEEK (JAN 2-8, 2012)

New Avengers #1
(Hickman, Epting)
Jonathan Hickman's Avengers is already a homerun as far as I'm concerned, so I very much am looking forward to what he's got planned for New Avengers, which he's teased as being focused on the Marvel Illuminati attempting to stop the universe from colliding with another!

Batman Incorporated #6
(Morrison, Burnham)
Things have been getting increasingly better in Batman, Inc, and it has to do with Morrison finally breaking into some plot advancement instead of muddling around in mythos and talk of legacy and destiny.

The Flash #15
(Manapul, Buccellato)
Flash was absent from Justice League#15 due to Grodd's invasion of Keystone City. That's how important Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's "Gorilla Warfare" storyline seems to be -- that DC is cool with not having Barry hanging with the League for a while. And it makes sense because "Gorilla Warfare" is just so damn good.

Justice League Dark #15
(Lemire, Nolan)
What more can I say about Jeff Lemire's Justice League Dark other than it's one of DC's best current series. The fallout of "War for the Books of Magic" has left a void in the magic stability of the DC universe, and it's up the JLD to figure out how to get things working again.

Superman #15
(Lobdell, Rocafort)
"H'el on Earth" has been piecing itself together since Superman #13, a prologue issue that did little to build up this so-called major crossover. Scott Lobdell's narrative in Superman seems to be the primary storyline, though a lot more has been revealed and/or told about H'el -- and the story in general -- in the pages of Supergirl and Superboy thus far. Hopefully, Lobdell has something up his sleeve to really get this crossover to the next level, whatever that means.

Teen Titans #15
(Lobdell, Booth)
Finally, Teen Titans crosses over with Scott Snyder's "Death of the Family" as Red Robin has apparently been taken hostage by the Joker in Gotham City. Naturally, the team rolls out to save dear old RR, but what does that mean for a group of kids with no prior experience with the Clown Prince of Crime?

Extra! Extra!
All-New X-Men #5
(Bendis, Immonen)

Batman: The Dark Knight #15
(Hurwitz, Finch)

Red Lanterns #15
(Milligan, Sepulveda)

Talon #3
(Tynion IV, Snyder, Ryp)

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