Monday, April 29, 2013

The Week in Revue (May 1-7, 2013)

Tempering down the workload this week (and going forward) in an effort to bring better quality reviews instead of a high quantity. 

This week, I'll be Spotlight-ing Gail Simone's The Movement, a 'New 52' series that introduces a whole slew of new characters into the DC universe. Along with The Movement from DC, I'll cover James Robinson's Earth 2 #12, which continues the "Tower of Fate" arc, as well as Swamp Thing #20, the second issue from rising star Charles Soule.

On the Marvel front, I'll take a look at Age of Ultron #7, the issue with the alternate heroes gracing the cover! AoU is shaping up to have huge ramifications for the entire Marvel universe. Also, I'll be covering Iron Man #9, the first issue of Kieron Gillen's fantastic series illustrated by Dale Eaglesham. Really, Greg Land's artwork has been the only truly bad thing about the 'Marvel NOW!' Iron Man, so I'm excited to see how Eaglesham interprets "The Secret Origin of Tony Stark".

------- Spotlight
The Movement #1
(w) Gail Simone     (a) Freddy Williams II

------- DC Reviews
Earth 2 #12
(w) James Robinson     (a) Nicola and Trevor Scott

Swamp Thing #20
(w) Charles Soule     (a) Kano

------- Marvel Reviews
Age of Ultron #7 of 10
(w) Brian Michael Bendis     (a) Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson

Iron Man #9
(w) Kieron Gillen     (a) Dale Eaglesham

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