Sunday, February 19, 2012

(UPDATE) New Season, New Ideas

Hello Readers!

And I know there are readers because the Blogger widget-thingy on my stats page tells me so. At the very least, there are those of you who stumble across my little slice of the internet and stay for more than the few seconds it would normally take to judge a humble blog. So, to you all, thank you for visiting 'The Endless Reel.' I love writing and it's cool to know some of you like reading it. Some new ideas are coming to this blog. I've been in-production now for nearly three months and I think it's high time to make a few changes!

First of all, I'll be adding new titles being covered monthly in March and May. For March, I'll begin reviewing Supergirl and Red Hood and The Outlaws on a monthly basis. I've been reading both titles since September and honestly, they've been getting better and better as the months go on. For Scott Lobdell on Red Hood, he's been taking the better ideas behind Jason Todd's troubled past and putting them to use for the character reboot.  While Todd is still a vigilante and prone to violence over reason, his 'camaraderie' with Roy Harper and Starfire serves to balance his short fuse. Over in Supergirl, Michael Green and Mike Johnson started off slow, but have since picked up the pace significantly, leading to a Kryptonian Worldkiller arriving on Earth to battle Supergirl. It's all pretty impressive. Look for both titles starting in March and going forward. In May, DC's 'Second Wave' of 'New 52' titles will be hitting the stands and I'll be reviewing a few of them for your discerning pleasure. I'll be reading Dial H by China Mieville and Mateus Santolouco, and Earth Two by James Robinson and Nicola Scott. Look for both of these titles starting in May. Now for the new part of this post.

Beginning in April, I'll be adding television shows into the mix with comic book reviews and analysis. The name 'Endless Reel' came from my original desire to write a TV show-driven blog that eventually turned into the site you're reading now. Now that I've established some base of quality and regular coverage, I'll be starting TV show coverage in April, just in time to round out the season and be there for sweeps in May and moving into Summer shows. Over the next month, I'll be deciding which shows will make the cut for weekly review. By the end of March, I'll post a follow-up (UPDATE) article outlining the schedule for TV shows. As of now, possible additions to the roster might include Community (if if ever comes back on-air), The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Being Human, and Once Upon A Time. 

Again I'd like to thank those of you who've taken your time to read my blog. Keep up the good work, people!

- Jay

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