Saturday, February 18, 2012

(REVIEW) Green Lantern Corps #6

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Artwork by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna

As DC's 'New 52' hits it's sixth month, many plot lines started back in September are coming to a close - or at least getting damn close. With Green Lantern Corps, Peter J. Tomasi has brought us to the end of his first arc. This month's issue was one of the most interesting and fun issues of the series since September. While it's not difficult to 'over-do' a character in a title like Green Lantern Corps, it's surprisingly been done a number of times in the pastThe fight against the Urakians comes to a head this month, showcasing not only Tomasi's strength at writing ensemble work, but also for Fernando Pasarin's beautiful art. Drawing tons of Lanterns fighting together, each projecting a different construct, is a difficult undertaking and one Pasarin steps up to with grace and fluid pencilling. Scott Hanna's inking isn't intrusive or loud, and his shading is exquisite.

With a crap-ton (the scientific measurement) of guns and a 'fear bomb' rigged to go off at the center of the Urakian operations, Guy Gardner's secret team goes in head first, relying on the element of surprise, bullets and a whole lot of willpower. Poignantly, Gardner observes, "...they sure as hell ain't immune to lead!" The fight scenes are exquisite and the Urakian's power-conversion system is a classic - if not cliched - human battery concept; the Urak leaders are keeping their people connected to a stargate so they can transport the Central Battery from Oa to Urak, displacing the Guardians' home as the center of the universe.

The big GASP moment came when John Stewart is forced to murder a fellow Green Lantern - Kirrt - before he gives up the codes for Oa's defense systems. And while it seemed (for a moment) that Kirrt may have been concocting a plan, Stewart realized his brother in arms had fallen. With the fate of the entire Corps in the balance, Stewart does what he believes must be done. Of course, we'll see the fallout of his actions in next month's epilogue issue.

As I mentioned earlier, it's been great learning about Green Lanterns other than Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kilowog. Bringing in the 'Mean Machine' and including some of the better characters from past series - such as Sheriff Mardin, Hannu, and Brik - has been Green Lantern Corps' saving grace. I'm excited to see where Tomasi takes the series after next month's issue.


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