Sunday, February 5, 2012

(REVIEW) Justice League International #6

Written by Dan Jurgens
Artwork by Marco Castiello and Vincenzo Acunzo

Dan Jurgens' work on Justice League International has been simply stunning. For a title that could have (and by all rights should have) been a huge disappointment, Jurgens has instead taken a more intimate route with the team of misfit superheroes. With Booster Gold under his belt of creator trademarks, Jurgens understands the social and political implications of superheroes and their place in the grander scheme of the universe. Instead of attempting to make JLI as much of a hard-hitter as, say, Justice League-proper, Jurgens knows where these characters exist on the popularity scale. That's why he's crafted such an excellent tale for them, with Booster Gold at the center.

The alien Peraxxus and his attack on Earth are secondary elements of Justice League Internationl's first arc. While three issues are dedicated to their various skirmishes, the true meat of the this story comes from the character relationships. Andre Briggs is trying to create a team of heroes that the United Nations - and by extension the world - can trust and hold accountable, something they cannot do with the Justice League. The heroes he's chosen are not the best; he knows it, they all know it and his superiors know it.

This sixth issue has been my favorite yet. Heavy on dialogue, most of the issue focuses on Booster convincing the UN Security Council that the JLI is worth it, that they have worth and value to the world. By the end, Booster is ready to solider on as team leader, with or without the UN behind them. It's a pretty great couple of pages with some great character development for Booster Gold. I've always liked Booster (and Blue Beetle Ted Kord) because they're the underdogs. They try so hard and fall so much harder each time. Fortunately, Jurgens is able to somewhat 're-invent' Booster in the pages of Justice League International, giving him a bit more selflessness and making him less silly.


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