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(DC NATION) MAY 12, 2012

Young Justice
Season 2, Episode 3

Last week, Young Justice followed Superboy, Miss Martian, and newcomer Beast Boy to planet Rann on a mission to discover how the Kroloteans stole and developed their own Zeta beam technology. While not a bad episode, per se, taking audiences to another planet to focus on three team members kind of stalled the momentum from the season premier. Fortunately, "Alienated" brings us back to Earth in a big way with an episode stuffed with revelations, reappearances, and new mysteries about the Krolotean invasion. Honestly, Young Justice may as well be called DC Comics: The Animated Series because the writers have integrated the Justice League so tightly. This is not a bad thing! In the comics, all these heroes would be crossing over into each others' books anyway, so why not go wild?

The Bat Family comes out in force this episode.
"Alienated" introduces a host of new elements that help get the ball rolling for this second season. M'gann, Superboy, Beast Boy, and Adam Strange return from Rann with information regarding the six Leaguers who went missing five years ago, and Aqualad returns in a surprising way. Also, the Legion of Doom makes a cameo.

The story goes that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkwoman all savagely attacked the planet Rimbor into submission, claiming themselves the Justice League of Earth and to beware their might. In essence, the Kroloteans began to invade Earth in response to the League's declaration of dominance - a fine twist if there ever was one. Often, plotlines like this can feel cheesy or forced, but the writers are pacing themselves well so as to make it feel organic.

In the season premier, Martian Manhunter explained that the Kroloteans' language is so alien, it would take days to psychically pierce their language. Last week, Miss Martian basically lobotomized a Krolotean to procure information and does so again this week to extract info about a rendezvous point in case of discovery by the humans. The volcanic Malina Island houses a new ship being built to take the remaining Kroloteans on Earth off-world to retreat. This is where Aqualad fits in.

Sometime in the last five years, Aqualad defected and joined his father as the second Black Manta. Both Mantas are working with the Kroloteans in some regard and Aqualad is furious with the League and the Team. Aqualad's allegiance is a great game changer and his appearance in general finally brings some answers to the question of Aqualad's whereabouts. Then, just when you thought this episode couldn't get any better, the OG Black Manta contacts the rest of the Legion of Doom - including Vandal Savage - to discuss the invasion and the Light's involvment. Intense.


Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Season 1, Episode 11
"Fight Club"

Sorry! I was unable to watch this week's episode in time. I've been told Thanagarians are involved, so I'm a little peeved. I'll have next week's episode here, I hope.

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