Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(THE WEEK) MAY 15-21, 2012


Avengers vs. X-Men #4 (of 12)
(Hickman, Romita Jr.)
Wolverine is out of the Avengers! And his relationship with Cyclops is no better. What's next for everyone's favorite claw-snapping anti-hero? Find out!

AvX: VS #2 (of 6)
(McNiven, Gillen, Dell, Larocca)
The premier tie-in to Avengers vs. X-Men continues this week with Spider-Man vs. Colossus and Captain America vs. Gambit!

Birds of Prey #9
(Swierczynski, Foreman)
Bonus coverage as part of the "Night of the Owls" crossover event! I'll tell you if Gotham's premier all-female team fares better than Batgirl when it comes to engaging stories.
[featured as a mini-review with Catwoman #9]

Catwoman #9
(Winick, March)
Even MORE bonus "Night of the Owls" coverage following Selena Kyle as she gets her fur in a twist when owls infest her city!
[featured as a mini-review with Birds of Prey #9]

Green Lantern Corps #9
(Tomasi, Pasarin)
The "Alpha War" begins with John Stewart on trial for murder!

Justice League #9
(Johns, Lee)
Geoff Johns and Jim Lee begin their second arc, "The Villain's Journey".

Nightwing #9
(Higgins, Barrows)
This week is just chock-full of "Night of the Owls" coverage, and it continues with this month's Nightwing. More mysteries are abound when Dick meets another Talon with a connection to the Graysons.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #9
(Lobdell, Rocafort)
Last month brought Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire to Gotham City and "Night of the Owls" is keeping them there!

Supergirl #9
(Green, Johnson, Asrar)
Supergirl must team up with the all-new, 'New 52'-revamped Silver Banshee against the evil Black Banshee!

Wonder Woman #9
(Azzarello, Chiang)
Apollo and Ares have plans in store for Diana as she continues battling her way through Hell.


DC Nation for May 5
- Young Justice Season 2, Episode 4 - "Salvage"
- Green Lantern: The Animated Series Season 1, Episode 12 - "Invasion"

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