Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(THE WEEK) MAY 30 - JUNE 5, 2012


Batman Annual #1
(Snyder, Tynion IV, Fabok)
"Night of the Owls" continues as Mr. Freeze's connection to the Court of Owls is revealed! Extra-long premier Annual issue for Batman!

The Ravagers #1 (SPECIAL COVERAGE)
(Mackie, Churchill)
DC's 'New 52: Second Wave' finishes up it's first month with the aftermath of "The Culling", the crossover event connecting Superboy, Teen Titans, and Legion: Lost. See what happens to the 'other' metahuman teenagers that didn't get to go with the Legionnaires or the Titans.

Superman #9
(Johns, Reis)
I know, I know: this issue was released last week and I never reviewed it! Well, this week is a little scarce on new material - being a 5th week, and all - so I'll be going back to cover this issue of Superman for your reading pleasure.

Wonder Woman #9
(Azzarello, Akins)
Another issue this month I neglected to review. Check out how Diana's trip into Hell is going.

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