Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Aquaman #0
(Johns, Reis)
- In Aquaman's "Issue Zero", Arthur goes to Atlantis for the first time! Knowing Geoff Johns, this issue, while set in the past, will most likely connect to the upcoming "Throne of Atlantis" crossover between Aquaman and Justice League.

Batman Incorporated #0

(Morrison, Burnham)
- Honestly, I'm not sure how this issue will pan out. Grant Morrison tends to have a pretty set path when it comes to his intricate narratives, so this prequel issue might throw a wrench into the gears. Then again, since Batman Incorporated #0 is all about Batman recruiting his soldiers around the world, it could have no effect at all. Them's the breaks.

The Flash #0
(Manapul, Buccellato)
- See Barry Allen get his powers! I'll assume he also gets into his first bout after receiving said powers. This issue would be pretty boring, otherwise. Fortunately, that won't happen with Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato at the helm, both of whom have guided The Flash over the past year and done a dynamite job doing so.

Justice League Dark #0

(Lemire, Janin)
- I'm skeptical about Justice League Dark, a team-based title that's only focusing on one character. I had the same skepticism about Green Lantern Corps #0, and that issue was a total bust. Hopefully, Jeff Lemire can keep the magic going with JLD #0 (pun definitely intended) as he looks into the life of young John Constantine.

Superman #0
(Lobdell, Rocafort)
- Well, one of my least favorite creative writers is moving in on Superman. Scott Lobdell has decided that tainting Teen Titans and Superboy wasn't enough, and now he wants to muck up the Man of Steel. Rumors have been flying about a Scott Snyder-helmed Man of Steel title coming out soon, which I hope is the case because with Grant Morrison leaving Action Comics, and Lobdell taking over Superman with this "Issue Zero", Superman's adventures are about to be lacking.

Talon #0

(Tynion IV, Snyder, March)
- I really, really have to stop second guessing Talon. I keep telling myself I won't enjoy it, that it's too narrow a premise to justify it's ongoing status. Then I remember that Scott Snyder is co-plotting this series with one of his favorite students, James Tynion IV. Snyder has done phenomenal work on Batman over the past year, and now the super-popular Court of Owls has a series all to itself.

Teen Titans #0
(Lobdell, Kirkham)
- With Superboy, Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash's histories (somewhat) already explained, it's time to focus on Red Robin, Skitter, and Bunker! I'll give credit to Lobdell for actually focusing on more than one (or two, in the case of The Ravagers) character in a prequel for a TEAM-BASED series. I'm not expecting much, as I never much do with Lobdell, but I'm still excited to see how Tim Drake came to be Red Robin without ever being an official 'Robin.'

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