Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Action Comics #0
(Morrison, Oliver)
- Grant Morrison takes us back in time! to give us a story about a boy who steals Superman's cape. There's got to be some connection to the overall Morrison story, so it'll be interesting to see how a carefree-sounding story might incorporate more complex elements.

Earth 2 #0
(Robinson, Giorello)
- Since Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman died in the opening pages of Earth 2 #1, this month's 'Issue Zero' will focus on their heroic adventures before the invasion of Apokolips. Plus, more connections will probably be made between E2 and World's Finest.

Green Lantern #0
(Johns, Mahnke)
- It's about damn time we get an introduction to BAZ! the newest member of the soon-to-maybe-be-extinct Green Lantern Corps. He's looking bad-ass, and probably won't get any training, which is a great set-up to the epic "Rise of the Third Army" starting next month. And maybe we'll get some insight into the fates of Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

Hawkeye #2
(Fraction, Aya)
- My review of Hawkeye #1 last month for PopMatters.com examined how Matt Fraction aimed to make Clint Barton more akin to the 1970s embodiment of Green Arrow, a hero who fought for the common man and the underscored in our society. Let's see if Fraction can keep it up.

The Phantom Stranger #0
(Didio, Anderson)
- After a fantastic and tragically cut short run on O.M.A.C., - not to mention a three-part "Challengers of the Unknown" arc on DC Universe Presents - Dan Didio returns to writing with The Phantom Stranger straight out of the pages of The New 52 #1, the 'Free Comic Book Day' issue that introduced us to the Trinity of Sin. If past work is any indication, Didio's take on the Stranger will be campy and awesome.

World's Finest #0
(Levitz, Maguire)
- After a less-than-stellar first arc, Paul Levitz takes us back to Earth 2 to a time when Karen was Supergirl, and Helena was Robin. They were two of the eight 'wonders' of Earth 2 before the Apokolips invasion destroyed everything. Just like Earth 2 #0, it's likely more will be revealed about the nature of the multiverse and how the two Earth's connect.

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