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Since the beginning of 'The Endless Reel', I've kept a pretty strict review format, which I supplemented a few months ago with 4-Sentence Reviews to give some other titles I read a spotlight on top of the regularly covered titles.

Now, with DC entering Year Two of the 'New 52', and Marvel Comics soft-relaunching a majority of their line under the 'Marvel NOW!' moniker, I want to take 'The Endless Reel' to a new level. I want to branch out of the traditional review format and give readers a more comprehensive and complete comic book experience - at least from the major two companies. I'm only one man.

Starting in October, 'The Endless Reel's review format will change in a rather significant way. While there will still be standards REVIEWs, I've created some 'columns' that will focus on different parts of the DC universe - mostly categorized by title families - as well as a section for 'Marvel NOW!' titles, as well as 4-Sentence Reviews, which will be rebranded as EXTRA! EXTRA! Posts will include "The Dark Write", a Batman Family column covering two or more Batman titles each week. There will also be "Leagues Beyond" - focusing on Justice League books like JL, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming JLA - "Marvel NOW!", which is pretty self-explanatory, as well as "Rotworld LIVE!" which will cover every issue of Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. relating to the crossover "Rotworld" event. And "Into the Night" will offer regular coverage of both I, Vampire and Justice League Dark.

One of the trade-offs of offering more title coverage on 'The Endless Reel', is that the amount of actual words dedicated to titles within these columns will be less than a full review. Not four sentences short, but not a full, six paragraph review. That being said, I will continue to bring comprehensive analysis to all the titles I cover, no matter the length of their reviews. Also, from time to time, I'll feature one of the column-related titles as a full-length review.

I'll update the MONTHLY SCHEDULE in the coming days as I get everything fine-tuned, and soon, 'The Endless Reel' will move on to it's next phase!

Now that Avengers vs. X-Men is winding down, Marvel is close to launching 'Marvel NOW!', their soft-reboot that will affect a great portion of the company's titles. While some new titles are being introduced, a whole slew of books are being relaunched with new #1's and new creative teams.

After eight years of major events that all supposedly led up to this, Marvel is mixing up it's long-established creative teams. These writer and artist changes promise cool new directions for characters that have honestly grown stale in these last few years. With new perspectives and new talent, I'm looking forward to not only the new titles, but also reading relaunched titles that I wouldn't have read before. Much like my rekindled interest in DC's line when the 'New 52' launched, 'Marvel NOW!' is getting me back into Marvel, post-AvX, and I want that experience to be part of 'The Endless Reel'.

Initially, all titles under the 'Marvel NOW!' name will be listed in the MONTHLY SCHEDULE section. I plan on reading all the #1's, then deciding which ones will be covered on a regular basis. Then again, I may just review all of them. We'll see.

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