Tuesday, November 20, 2012

THE WEEK (NOV 21-27, 2012)

Captain America #1
(w) Rick Remender
(p) John Romita Jr.
After a long (<8 years) and fruitful run from the amazing Ed Brubaker, Rick Remender is taking over writing duties for Captain America, and he's starting out big. Cap' will forgo a lot of the 'spy intrigue' of the Brubaker era in place of sci-fi 'weird science' stories. Plus, John Romita Jr. is one of Marvel's biggest guns.

DC Universe Presents #14
(w) Marc Andreyko
(p) Robson Rocha
I wholly enjoyed the first part of "Black Lightning and Blue Devil", especially Marc Andreyko's interesting take on the relationship between these two characters. 

Green Lantern: New Guardians #14
(w) Tony Bedard
(p) Aaron Kuder
Kyle Rayner continues his quest, this month, to master all the colors of the emotional spectrum. Last time, Atrocitus managed to push the most peaceful Green Lantern into a rage-filled rampage. How will Arkillo teach Kyle about fear this month?

Hawkeye #4
(w) Matt Fraction
(p) David Aja
Instead of focusing on all the 'Marvel NOW!' stuff, executives should be figuring out any way possible to get Hawkeye on a more regular schedule. As in twice a month. This is by and far my favorite series from Marvel right now. It's amazing. Read it.

Indestructible Hulk #1
(w) Mark Waid
(p) Lenil Yu
Normally, I don't like Hulk that much. I've never really found anything much interesting about a character who's just whiny when he's a human and angry when he's Hulk. Hopefully, Mark Waid can work the same magic he did with Daredevil and turn the Hulk into one of Marvel's most nuanced heroes. Also, Lenil Yu is a fantastic artist.

Justice League #14
(w) Geoff Johns
(p) Tony S. Daniel
Apparently, "the road to 'Trinity War' goes through Justice League #14", as some promos have put it. Either way, "The Secret of the Cheetah" made the villainous Cheetah more interesting and fun than she's been in ages, so I'm down to finish up this little mini-arc.

Supergirl #14
(w) Mike Johnson
(p) Mahmud Asrar
Last week's "H'el on Earth" crossover issue, Superboy #14, was a travesty. Hopefully, Mike Johnson can right the ship and get this Superman Family crossover going the right direction. Though, last month's issue without Michael Green co-writing was the weakest issue of the series to date, so i don't know.

Extra! Extra!
Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #4 of 4
(w) Darwyn Cooke
(p) Amanda Conner

Iron Man #2
(w) Kieron Gillen
(p) Greg Land

Journey Into Mystery #646
(w) Kathryn Immonen
(p) Valerio Schiti

Wonder Woman #14
(w) Brian Azzarello
(p) Tony Akins

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