Tuesday, November 20, 2012


(w) Peter J. Tomasi
(p) Fernando Pasarin

The Guardians are really, really sick and twisted. Seriously -- these little blue guys have, in the past, suppressed ancient omens about the Blackest Night, hidden the secret of Parallax in the Green Lantern central battery, basically massacred an entire sector with their Manhunter androids, created the terrifyingly omniscient Alpha Lanterns, and now, they've built themselves a new army to destroy the Green Lantern Corps and all other free will across the universe. These plot points are worth reiterating because of all four GL titles offered by DC's 'New 52', only Green Lantern Corps has been getting deep into "Rise of the Third Army". Over in the eponymous series, Simon Baz is still coming into his own as a Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner is off recruiting new New Guardians or some such, and Atrocitus is jump beginning to understand what these Third Army soliders can do. Green Lantern Corps #14 gets personal as the Guardians' scheming to de-power Guy Gardner come to a head.

John Stewart has been sent off to rebuild Mogo using a baseball-sized chunk of the former planet as a sort of diving rod to help in collecting more pieces of the planet-sized Green Lantern. Unfortunately, Star Sapphire Fatality shows up sporting some mysterious connection to the chunk of Mogo! Right now, John's side quest isn't very interesting, thus Peter J. Tomasi doesn't seem to be writing it as such. Sure, Fatality shows up, but that's where John's side of the story ends this month, so there's no sort of resolution or even explanation. Over in Guyland, the Guardians are pretty pissed at him for abandoning a peace delegation transport after learning one of his oldest and deadliest enemies was on the loose. But in reality, it was the Guardians themselves who freed the murdering enemy of Guy, and they were the ones who made him massacre the peace delegation to embarrass and discredit Guy. It's all very sinister, and obviously part of something bigger.

Guy and John have been going down their separate, yet intertwining paths for months now -- it would be nice to see them side by side to take on the Third Army, but the events at this issue's end have me worried for the future of the Corps. 


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