Monday, November 5, 2012

THE WEEK (NOV 7-13, 2012)

Deadpool #1
(w) Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan
(p) Tony Moore
One of America's funniest comedians takes on Marvel's merc with a mouth: it's Brian Posehn writing Deadpool! And it's going to be awesome! Deadpool vs. resurrected Zombie American Presidents? Sign me up.

Action Comics #14
(w) Grant Morrison
(p) Rags Morales
Superman faces off against the Multitude...on Mars! If I've said it once, I've said it a handful of times; Grant Morrison's stories don't have a lot of previews. His writing's too intricate to offer much in the way of sneak peeks.

Earth 2 #6
(w) James Robinson
(p) Nicola and Trevor Scott
It's the conclusion of the first arc of Earth 2 as Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, and the Atom take on Grundy, the scion of death! James Robinson's parallel Earth series has been fantastic to say the least. To say I'm looking forward to this is a total understatement.

Green Lantern #14
(w) Geoff Johns
(p) Doug Mahnke
Geoff Johns continues this great introduction of Simon Baz that will eventually intersect with "Rise of the Third Army". So far, Baz has been far more interesting than Hal Jordan's been in years. 

Iron Man #1
(w) Kieron Gillen
(p) Greg Land

Extra! Extra!

Animal Man #14

(w) Jeff Lemire
(p) Steve Pugh

Before Watchmen: Moloch #1 of 2
(w) J. Michael Straczynski
(p) John Higgins

Stormwatch #14
(w) Peter Milligan
(p) Will Conrad

Swamp Thing #14
(w) Scott Snyder
(p) Yanick Paquette

Uncanny X-Force #33
(w) Rick Remender
(p) Phil Noto

World's Finest #6
(w) Paul Levitz
(p) Kevin Maguire and George Perez

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