Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nova #2 (mini review)

(w) Jeph Loeb     (a) Ed McGuinness

**Spoilers Ahead...kinda**

I really want to like Nova because Jeph and Ed have done some phenomenal stuff together in the past. What sucks is that Nova isn't shaping up to be very good. Maybe it will be, and I'll totally eat my own words if that's the case, but for now, I'm not impressed.

Rocket Raccoon and Gamora appeared at the end of last issue to a bewildered Sam Alexander. Starting exactly where it left of, Sam calls Rocket a "talking raccoon", which proceeds to send the talking raccoon into a murderous rage over being called a talking raccoon. It's important to understand one's place in life, and maybe not be so completely sensitive about a pretty obvious similarity to the raccoons of Earth. Seriously, Rocket needs to get over it.

As far as Sam goes, he's nothing special. I was hoping for some real emotional nuance with this series, but all Sam has going for him is generic teenage angst and a contrived situation that doesn't make much sense. His dad's only been missing for a matter of days and now he's supposedly dead? Wait, what? Where did that come from? Loeb isn't doing himself any favors by keeping readers in the dark; we've been waiting to learn who the new Nova is since Marvel Point One over a year ago. It's about damn time we got the story, and now Jeph Loeb wants to spend six issues outlining the character's origin. Bluuuuuhhhhh. 


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