Friday, March 29, 2013

The Superior Spider-Man #6AU (mini review)

(w) Christos Gage     (a) Dexter Soy

As an explanation as to why Spider-Man reads like Peter Parker in Age of Ultron instead of like Otto Octavius, The Superior Spider-Man #6AU is pretty unsatisfying. As a tie-in to "Age of Ultron", the issue is an interesting look at how the Superior Spider-Man would process the oppression of Earth by someone other than he.

Truthfully, I feel like The Superior Spider-Man has stalled. The first two issues showcased Dan Slott's ability to bring a fresh new perspective on a very old character. Since then, the series has been going through the motions, unable to find sure footing for the fledgling new anti-hero. With The Superior Spider-Man #6AU, writer Christos Gage utilizes the apocalyptic nightmare of Ultron's victory to give Otto the ultimate feeling of inferiority.

Putting aside how ridiculous it is that Otto would go through to the trouble of "acting" like Peter to satisfy anyone's comfort, Spider-Man takes it upon himself to destroy Ultron simply because he's got a bit more experience with robots than anyone still living. But it's not about his plan or it's success or failure. It's about Otto's hubris and how it exceeds even the end of the world. This is what the Superior Spider-Man needs to be. This is what Otto's journey needs to represent because that's the kind of man he is, the kind that needs to be better than everyone else.


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