Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Green Lantern - New Guardians #5


Green Lantern: New Guardians #5
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham and Batt

This title is all sorts of a mess. First of all, it's called New Guardians, which would imply that they are similar, in at least some respect, to the current Guardians of the Universe. This is not so. Second, with five issues under his belt, Tony Bedard still can't make up his mind about the direction of the title. And lastly, it feels nearly like a chore to read through the pages and pages of nothing but dialogue.

Let's start with the 'Guardians' part. I don't know if DC just couldn't decide on a better name, or if there will eventually be some crazy awesome connection to the original Guardians, but right now, there doesn't seem to be any discernable reason why the book should be called New Guardians. Others might see this as a trifle and simply move past it to analyze the content inside. I feel like the title is a misdirect, and one that keeps me from fully understanding the characters' actions.

The 'story' thus far in New Guardians has been that everyone attacks Kyle Rayner, then they all go to Oa (only to get kicked off), then they go out in space a bit before running into a solar-system sized spaceship. It's an alliteration that might sound cool, but in effect looks like a universal mobile. And in this fifth issue, we're introduced to the (apparent) villain, Invictus. As some sort of 'sun god', Invictus literally wakes up from sleeping in the sun to come bring some pain to those who bear the Mark of the Beast. Turns out the beast is...Larfleeze? And these people are pissed because little ol' Glomulus is puttering about? Seriously? I just don't know where Bedard is going and it's becoming a little frustrating trying to guess.

While this books should be awesome, showcasing huge battles involving all the different Corps members, we're instead treated to Kyle & Friends Wax Poetic about Life, Power Rings and Bein' Gangsta. The different plot elements seem placed simply to allow the characters to go on and on about their problems, plans or insults. It's all pretty boring.

One good thing about this issue was the banter between Kyle and Glomulus, one of Larfleeze's more popular constructs and possibly the cutest villain in DC history. Glommy and Kyle start getting into conversation and Glomulus' very nature - as simply a construct or a living, thinking being - comes into question.

I want to like this book. I love Green Lantern and Kyle is my all-time favorite GL, so I keep reading, sticking it out hoping that things will get better. Fortunately, this month's Blue Beetle promised a pretty awesome new arc starting with issue #10. Here's hoping things get better by June.

Grade: C-

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