Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: Wonder Woman #5


Wonder Woman #5
Written by Brian Azzarello
Pencilled by Tony Akins

Since Justice League got pushed back a week, I'll be covering Wonder Woman instead. When I looked through the schedule, though, I realized that I wasn't covering any books starring female heroines. So, starting this month, I'll be adding Wonder Woman to the schedule of regularly covered titles. I've thoroughly enjoyed Wonder Woman to date. For a character who's been reinterpreted and re-imagined so many times, it's a wonder (pun totally intended) this book can be this good.

Fortunately, Brian Azzarello has an amazing take on Diana that hasn't been attempted in the past; he fundamentally changed Diana's birth. Instead of being 'molded from clay and brought to life', Azzarello has thrown us a curve ball and revealed that Diana is actually a daughter of Zeus, and therefore a demigod and child of Olympus. While Wonder Woman always had a deep and literal connections to the gods of Greek mythology, the 'new 52' Diana has a much more personal connection now that she has discovered her blood relation.

This first arc is focusing on Diana's ability to cope with family issues. First, she finds another of Zeus' unknowing suitors who bears one of his children. Next, we learn Diana's true heritage and how Hera is none to happy about it. More and more, Diana is realizing that her place in this crazy family is less defined than she believed. Meaning, while she was a bit melodramatic about the situation at first, she's come to accept that 'fate' has nothing to do with how she conducts herself. After years of believing a lie woven to protect her from the truth, 'destiny' and 'fate' seem a little less rosy to Wonder Woman than they once would have.

Plus, Poseidon shows up at the end!

Grade: B

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