Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review: Resurrection Man #5


Resurrection Man #5
Dan Abnett - Writer
Andy Lanning - Pencils

Much like Action Comics #5 this month, I felt this episode of Mitch Shelley's saga left a lot to be desired. I don't know if DC coordinated this or not, but it seems like multiple issues are delving into origin stories this month.

Last we left Shelley, he was dead...again. But this time, it took a bit more to send him back. While being treated by a beautiful redhead physician, we get a flashback to three years prior. Deathstroke makes a guest appearance as a contracted mercenary with some possibly hypocritical tendencies, but mostly we see Shelley going about his job, which seems to be covert in some sense. The situation is left vague to let the reader come to their own conclusions before an eventual reveal. However it's meant to be read, it feels like Shelley isn't in the most ethical lines of work. Unfortunately, the issue only spirals into more confusion until the flashback ends and Shelley awakens on a hospital bed.

Dan Abnett throws a lot of plot into this issue and doesn't give many answers to raised questions. I'm sure there's an eventual conclusion that everything will lead to, but introducing some cybernetic-suited warrior in the last pages without so much as a name is kind of frustrating. It makes for a good cliffhanger, but not a solid single issue of work.

Grade: C-

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