Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Superman #5


Superman #5
Written by George Perez
Pencilled by Nicola and Trevor Scott

This month's Superman was a thinker. Not much time has passed since the end of issue four, and Supes is stuck in a cyclone made of fire and ice; a curious thing indeed. After a few minutes of controversial news coverage, the cyclone dies away, along with Superman's previously gentle and charming manner. A new militant Superman has taken his place and begins exterminating any major threats to Metropolis.

Superman has been a point of mixed emotions for me. On the one hand, I like how DC is incorporating non-DC villains into the canon, though I'm frustrated about the pace at which things are developing. It hasn't been uncommon for writers to utilize the half-thoughts-half-article approach to Superman, allowing a more human scope in which to interpret Superman's actions, his behavior and his very existence. Unfortunately, George Perez hasn't really used this technique in the best way. He's severely fragmented the storytelling flow by constantly skipping back and forth to Lois, Clark, Perry, Jimmy and others. And with this fragmentation comes a missed opportunity to really give this relaunched Superman some awesome personality.

The final pages really get things going again and definitely make me want to read the next issue, so we'll see how things pan out next month.

Grade: C-

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