Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Aquaman #11
(Johns, Reis)
- "The Others" continues as we learn if the team ever actually can work as This is one of DC's best series out right now, and still people aren't reading it as much as they should!

Before Watchmen: Comedian #2 of 6
(Azzarello, Jones)
- Last issue, Brian Azzarello pretty much totally missed the point of Before Watchmen, opting to make Eddy Blake seem like a good guy who just happened to be implicated with the Kennedy murders! Uh-oh!

The Flash #11
(Manapul, Buccalleto)
- The last few months has seen Flash meeting a number of his Rogues through a seemingly connected series of events. The Flash #11 introduces Heatwave to the 'New 52' in Manapul's steely art style!

Green Lantern #11
(Johns, Mahnke)
- With the Indigo Tribe down, it's time for Geoff Johns to turn his sights on resolving the loose end of Black Hand and his BRAND NEW BLACK LANTERN RING! But without the Anitmonitor powering the Black Lantern (and Necron...dead?...), how will William Hand get his revenge against Hal Jordan and the Indigo Tribe?

Justice League Dark #11
(Lemire, Janin)
- "The Black Room" continues as the JLD finds its way deeper into ARGUS and in a rematch with the Demons Three! Plus, John Constantine finds something interesting.

Teen Titans #11
(Lobdell, Booth)
- Wonder Girl's origin! Plus, the secret of her armor that's slowly killing her. Hopefully, Scott Lobdell will find some space to give the other kids a bit more character development as well.

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