Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Avengers vs. X-Men #8 of 12
(Somebody, Somebody Else)
- Apparently, Namor goes apeshit crazy on Wakanda in the X-Men's search for Hope. Andy Kubert steps in for pencils on this issue, which is great because it's Andy Kubert, but also a shame because Olivier Coipel's work has been so magnificent over the past few issues.

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2 of 4
(Cooke, Conner)
- Darwyn Cooke's biggest effort right now is Minutemen, but that doesn't mean he's slacking off with Silk Spectre, a series that started off with a pretty great sense of nostalgia and teenage wanderlust that encompassed the 1960s so well. Now that our young heroine is on the run, it's San Francisco or bust.

Blue Beetle #11
(Bedard, Guara)
- Booster Gold and Blue Beetle team up again...for the first time! In their official 'New 52' team-up, Booster comes to the aid of poor Jaime Reyes, who has been labeled a menace to society by the media at large!

DC Universe Presents #11
(Robinson, Chang)
- It's the exciting conclusion to "Savage"! Kassidy Sage's reinforcements are dead, Vandal Savage is (technically) a fugitive again, and the serial killer is out for blood! James Robinson has done a fantastic job giving Vandal Savage his 'New 52' remake.

Justice League #11
(Johns, Lee)
- Graves has the Justice League at his mercy, and there doesn't seem to be any way out! "The Villain's Journey" continues as the League tries to defeat the man with nothing to lose. Geoff Johns' "Shazam" back-up also promises to get a bit meatier this month with the debut of Black Adam!

Nightwing #11
(Higgins, Barrows)
- "The Republic of Tomorrow, Today" continues as Nightwing faces off against Paragon, yet another whack-job claiming to be Gotham City's true son. When will these silly villains learn?

Saga #5
(Vaughan, Staples)
- Brian K. Vaughan's epic sci-fi opera keeps getting better and after last month's horrifying visit to planet Sextillion, this issue spotlights the robot Prince, which should be a nice change of pace.

Supergirl #11
(Green, Johnson, Asrar)
- Michael Green and Mike Johnson just wont leave poor Kara alone! Supergirl finally starts fitting in a bit and she's attacked by yet another villain. And she gets new powers! This is still one of the better series DC currently offers. So if you're not reading it, you definitely should be.

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