Thursday, August 2, 2012


STORY: Grant Morrison
ART: Rags Morales, CAFU, Brad Walker, Rick Bryant, Bob McLeod, and Andrew Hennessey

Since last year's relaunch, Grant Morrison's phenomenal run on Action Comics has brought about a lot of history for the DCnU. We get to see Superman's earliest days as a superhero - before he could fly - in Metropolis, wearing little more than a t-shirt with his emblem, a pair of cuffed jeans and some work boots; we learn about the monstrous World Collector out to miniaturize and keep a piece of every civilization in the universe; the Legion of Super-Heroes makes an appearance; Superman's new digs are explained beyond a fashion decision; Clark Kent dies, and now, the 'First Superman' rears his head to save a world he believes is coming to an end.

This month, the forgotten 'First Superman' gets a lot more panel time, including a flashback sequence that shows the nigh parallel lives Clark and Adam Blake. Born at the moment Superman's ship streaked through the sky in rural Kansas, Blake was born with incredible telekinetic powers. After years of cautious adoration, Blake's mother died of cancer. Blake's father, angry and spiteful, blames his son for the death of his wife, causing Blake to start down his dark path of misplaced righteousness. Of course, this wouldn't be an issue of Grant Morrison's if there wasn't at least one element of weirdness. In this case, the Oort-Kind have taken Blake as their solider, tasked to help them find and recover Neo-Sapiens. If that sentence sounded confusing, that's perfectly normal, if somewhat annoying. It helps knowing that Morrison has a plan, seeing as his run on Action Comics is coming to an end with issue 16.

Morrison is not one to leave loose ends untied (as evidenced by the inexplicable resurrection of Batman Incorporated), so the Oort-Kind's machinations will surely be made more clear in the coming months.


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