Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Batman #12
(Snyder, Cloonan)
- Now that "The City of Owls" is behind us, Batman moves forward with a stand-alone issue before the next month's Issue Zero then the return of the Joker in Batman #13. For now, we get a look at Harper Row, a new character Snyder is introducing who's actually made an appearance or two already!

Batman and Robin #12
(Tomasi, Gleason)
- This is the final fight with Terminus? I really feel like there hasn't been a first fight with Terminus, let alone a final one. But what do I know? Hopefully, the "War of the Robins" story continues this month, as it has proved a far better narrative than anything to do with that weirdo with a needle fetish.

Resurrection Man #12
(Abnett, Lanning, Saiz)
- It's the final issue of Resurrection Man, not counting next month's Issue Zero, which tells the tale of Mitch Shelley's origin. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will be wrapping things up nice and tight, hopefully, by giving us a definitive look at the way everything started going to Hell for Mitch.

Spider-Men #4 of 5
(Bendis, Pichelli)
- We've all been waiting for the meeting between Peter Parker-616 and Ultimate Aunt May (which is totally awesome to type), and it started happening at the end of last issue. Now, we get the fully reunion between two people who lost the most important people in their lives. Classic Bendis.

Superboy #12
(DeFalco, Silva)
- Yeesh. It seems, by way of DC promo material, that this issue of Superboy is about Kon-El dealing with dark influences and the choice he has to make whether to stay good or go bad. That's about as sappy and cliche as a teenage story can get, so hopefully Tom DeFalco has something up his sleeve to pull this story out of mediocrity.

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