Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Aquaman #12
(Johns, Reis)
- It's the end of the line for "The Others" as Geoff Johns finishes up his stellar first year with the King of Atlantis. The traitor in the team is revealed, and Black Manta's endgame comes to light!

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #3 of 6
(Cooke, Cooke)
- Per usual, there's not a whole lot of preview for this entry of Before Watchmen. Seeing as a lot of information was revealed last issue, one could surmise that this time through, we'll get to see some of the ramifications of those reveals.

Captain Marvel #3
(DeConnick, Soy)
- Carol Danvers is a woman after my own heart. With only two issues under her belt, the new Captain Marvel is dominating Marvel's lineup, not only in story quality, but also in sales. This month, Carol's gone back in time to take on the Banshee Squadron!

The Flash Annual #1
(Manapul, Buccaletto)
- The Rogues are assembled, they've double-crossed a pissed-off Captain Cold, and Flash arrived just in time to get in on the mayhem. It's time for an all-out war.

Green Lantern Annual #1
(Johns, Van Sciver)
- Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver join forces once again to bring the prelude to "Rise of the Third Army", the Green Lantern event coming in October and November that will change the landscape for Hal Jordan, Sinestro, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the rest.

Justice League #12
(Johns, Lee)
- Everyone's been talking about it, and it's finally here! The relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman that will set the status quo for the foreseeable future begins with a single kiss. "The Villain's Journey" wraps up this week, too. As if anyone cared at this point.

Justice League International Annual #1
(Johns, Didio, Fabok)
- Read this one after Justice League #12 as the final mission of the JLI begins! Truths will be revealed, new characters will make appearances, and more than likely, we'll get some set-up for next year's upcoming Justice League of America written by Geoff Johns.

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