Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Batman: The Dark Knight #12
(Hurwitz, Finch)
- Gregg Hurwitz's fantastic arc featuring the 'New 52' revamped Scarecrow continues this month with Batman in the clutches of Jonathan Crane! Will the Dark Knight be Scarecrow's guinea pig? Plus, more is revealed about Crane's disturbed past.

Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan #1 of 4

(Straczynski, Wein)
- Cryptic as ever, the most I can say about DC's promos for this is that it features the most emo of the Watchmen, Doctor Manhattan. I'll be interested to see what's covered in this series, as the original Watchmen covered Doc's past pretty well.

The Flash #12
(Manapul, Buccelatto)
- Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelatto continue to assemble Flash's Rogues as they set up the next major arc for the series that will start in October. Honestly, I'm just in it for Manapul's artwork right now.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #12
(Bedard, Kirkham)
- This month, revelations are abound as the ring stealer is unveiled, Larfleeze gets his due, and there should be some showdown with Invictus, I'd assume.

Superman #12
(Jurgens, Merino)
- So, the big ugly from the bottom of the sea in issue nine is back? Alright. And Superman is going to stop him! Superman really should be getting much better than it's been. It's a flagship title (technically), and with the high level of quality in Batman, the Man of Steel is getting left in the dust.

Teen Titans #12

(Lobdell, Booth)
- The mystery surrounding Wonder Girl's armor continues with the introduction of Diesel, someone with connections to Cassie's past. Also, Fabian Nicieza finishes up his Kid Flash back-up. Not so much looking forward to that.

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