Saturday, March 24, 2012


Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Guest Artwork by Claude St. Aubin and Scott Hanna

Green Lantern Corps #7 deals with the aftermath of the conflict against the Lantern Keepers. Guy must answer to the Guardians for murdering two Sinestro Corps members to defeat the Keepers, while John fights his personal demons over being forced to murder his fellow Lantern, Kirrt. Tomasi has been pushing out great material in Green Lantern Corps and Batman and Robin, showing an adeptness with multi-character titles. Many writers have difficulty managing page time between multiple characters, while Tomasi seems to excel at it.

The confrontation between the Guardians and Guy goes just as any GL fan would expect - the Guardians pitch a fit and Guy uses hard-lined logic to justify his actions before flying off. To be fair, this time, Guy basically murdered two sentient beings in order to quell an insurrection. Guy's stance boils down to the ends justifying the means while the Guardians disagree. Murder is always a touchy subject, and Guy, unfortunately, comes off very conservatively in the debate.

John Stewart has been carrying around his guilt over Kirrt since the moment he did it, and this issue sees Kirrt's memorial service, prompting a need for his body to be returned to his family. Against his own better judgment and the opinions of others, John decides that he must transport Kirrt back to his home planet, a way to somewhat atone for his actions. Unable to give the man he murdered a bad name, John tells his family that Kirrt died a hero, giving his family some comfort in the face of their loved one's departure.

An excellent 'epilogue' issue if there ever was one, if a little light on the plot advancement.


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